January 2014
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Rear Spars!!!

Total Hours:                17.2

Hours Fabricating:      9.5

Fab Hours to Date:      491.2



This is the next step referred to in the 29-Jan Post.  I performed my quality control inspection of the Main Spar Caps (W09)... They Passed :-)





I think, finally, I've finished sanding and deburring the Spar Caps (W09).  Next step, Inspection!




More Sanding of Spar Caps





Tonight, I continued sanding, deburring, and cleaning up the Spar caps, W09





After spending Wednesday night cleaning up the garage, it is now ready for work.  I started by sanding and deburring the Lower Spar Caps, W09-02R & -02L.





More inspections





This was my First night back in some time (nearly 2 months!).  I spent a small amount of time just reviewing my notes and the plans.  The remainder of the time was spent inspecting the parts and assemblies I had finished in the months prior.



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